Our Review Policy


Our Review Policy

The Hotties love to read and review books for fun. Keep in mind, our reviews are our personal opinions of the book. We will graciously accept complimentary copies of books from authors and/or publishing companies.  While everyone loves getting something free of charge, a gratis book will not sway our opinion of the content (just because the book is free, we will not automatically give it a superior rating).  

If you would like for the Hotties to review your book, please send us an email at:  HardbackBookHotties@gmail.com

Once your email is received, the Hotties will evaluate the specifics of the book and contact you with more details and next steps. 

Every Hottie has a “hotness” scale; here is how we will rate the books we read:

Mild - Worth It 
The book was worth reading.
It is recommended as a book that the reader would enjoy

Medium - Kept Me Interested 
The book was pretty good and kept us interested.
It is recommended as a good book for the reader.

Hot - Page Turner 
 The book kept our eyes glued and pages turning.
It is recommended as enjoyable for the reader.

Blazing hot - Could Not Put It Down
The book kept us wanting more; we couldn't put the book down.
It is recommended as a book that the reader would absolutely enjoy.