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Blog Tour: Draw Me In, by Megan Squires

Draw Me In
by Megan Squires

Book & Author details:

Draw Me In by Megan Squires
Publication date: January 7th 2014
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance


He’s a young, up and coming businessman with the keys to his family’s Italian wine enterprise.

I’m a fine arts student, navigating life in the Big Apple, my pencil and sketchpad in hand.

We meet. We fall in love.

But it’s not that story.

Sometimes, by a rare gift of fate, two lives cross paths. And hey, if that happens to occur when staring at Michelangelo’s naked masterpiece, even better. We can tell our future children how a seventeen-foot tall marble guy named David brought us together.

But there’s always more to a relationship than its beginning and ever after. In life, there’s a whole lot of backstory. There are ex-fiancés and hot roommates and family members whose advice continues, even beyond the grave.

When you say you love someone, it’s never just that one person you’re saying it to. And it’s never just that one moment that sets everything in motion.

There is always more that draws you in.

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18817750-draw-me-in



My Review:

Well normally I start with the cover, but for this review, I want to start with the book synopsis, and what literally drew me in, (yes I mean't that pun). What made me do a double take and what made me have a pure need to read this book were TWO SENTENCES, that were with-in the synopsis: "But it's not that story." and "There is always more that draws you in." both sentences were so very true. I wanted to read that other story, that not your usual love story, or rather the usual love story,but with some of the sweet center that is part of the usual love story. I had to see what this book was all about.

Now to the cover. Umm.. Hot, real hot guy on the cover. Under him is a very light drawing of the Vitruvian Man, which is absolutely one of my favorite Leonardo Di Vinci's drawings. I give a slight nod to Author Megan Squires for that cute addition.  But what is most inviting is without a doubt, the real hot man looking at you.

This book produces all the emotions a reader will ever want. From the cute "aww" moments, to the wiping tears away from laughing so hard moments, to the "No he didn't moments" all the way to the grabbing the tissue and having those soft hiccup moments. Every emotion the reader can want, Author Squires provides beautifully.

She introduces the reader to the most quirkiest young lady, we read the funny and emotional dialog that her brain and mouth battle with on a daily basis. A lot of which most readers, like myself, can identify with.  Those word-vomit phases in life to even those unbearable and unforgettable embarrassing moments in life. You cannot but help to fall in love with her and her room-mate. Not to mention, crack up all the time with the brain and mouth banter.

And just like most love story's, queue in the extra dreamy and hot male that with cloud judgments and thoughts with only hormones running the show. But remember what the author says, "But it's not that story."

The author takes the reader on a journey that most beautiful, fiction love stories leave out, not just the journey from the eyes first meeting, to that happily ever after ending. The part of the love story mostly remembered in real-life love stories, the stories that you tell over and over at parties, or those stories that you keep to tell to your children. That story.

Author Megan Squires masterfully told that in between love story, all the characters were lovable and charming. There were some moments that the words were so profound in what they truly meant, the reader is left speechless and full of emotion. And the love story, which has the elements of all fiction love stories, takes on a whole different dimension, and this particular novel gives a new breath of life to that classic fiction love story, ( a nod to the author). 

All in all, it is a really weird feeling to want more from a story that really provides it all. But it is the truth. I would love more of this story. I was left reflecting on the story as well as the authors story at the end as well.

This book was... BLAZING HOT!!!!



Megan Squires lives with her husband and two children just outside of Sacramento, California. A graduate from the University of California, Davis, Megan is now a full-time mother, wife, and dreamer—though her characters don’t often give her much opportunity to sleep.
Visit www.theoutlierchronicles.com to learn more about her latest young adult series.

Author links:
Website: http://megansquiresauthor.com/
Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6547282.Megan_Squires
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MeganSquiresAuthor



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  1. This sounds like an emotional roller coaster ride! I love how you describe the characters, too, anyone with a sense of humor and any book that can make me laugh is definitely going to click with me! :) Great review!

  2. Hi Giselle,
    This was a really cute book. I just loved the main character and her humor. It is awesome when a book makes you burst out laughing when you read it. :-)