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Review: Love Spell by Stan Crowe

Love Spell
by Stan Crowe
(Taken from Goodreads)
ebook, 248 pages
Published July 26th 2013 by Breezy Reads
ISBN193832711X (ISBN13: 9781938327117)
Book Synopsis

Clint Christopherson’s love life was a running joke. When a crazed gypsy curses him with the best wish he could ever ask for, the punchline stops being funny. Now, even his barest touch drives girls mad for him.

Desperate to reverse the curse, Clint turns to his last hope: an attractive private investigator who might be able to locate his missing gypsy. If only Clint knew who it was he had just hired…

My Review:

The Cover: The cover draws the female reader in, with a nice framed man wearing some worn and torn jeans and the Seattle backdrop. Who is the hottie in the jeans? What does Love Spell have to do with him, and does it have to do with his pants? All in all, the cover was worth cracking it open.

The Book:  I enjoyed the story of Clint Christopherson and his curse. I think the book had a great beginning learning about Clint and the women he came in contact with. And I really loved the gypsy character who gave him the curse. But the book fell flat for me. I think that for some readers, they will enjoy the love story.

I think the author, Stan Crowe did a marvelous job with the development of all the characters as well as the basic story line of Clint getting a curse from a very eccentric gypsy. The author put a spin on the basic love story which was intriguing. It was a story that had a lot of promise, but in my opinion the author fell short.  The story could have gone so many different ways but unfortunately, for me it was predictable and there was no surprises, which was the main disappointment for me. 

I will rate this book Medium - Kept Me Interested


Stan had a pretty normal, middle-class American youth. He was lucky enough to change that by convincing an exceptional woman to marry him in 2000, setting him on a much more fulfilling life course.
Four years later, Brigham Young University awarded him with a Bachelors of Science in civil and environmental engineering. He then he spent several years designing homes, prescribing work for bridges, and even exploring the mortgage industry.
In the midst of all this, he produced two science fiction anthologies in 2006 and 2007. In 2012, Breezy Reads Publishing picked up his romantic comedy The Cinderella Project. And thus he transformed himself from Captain Kirk into Don Juan.
Stan lives with his wife, children (final count to be determined) and two cats in Utah.

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