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Indie-Credible Author: Marianne Morea & Giveaways!

Hardback Book Hotties Indie Credible Author is...
Marianne Morea

Lets get to know Marianne.
 (taken from Marianne Morea's Website)

The Professional...

Well, people. As far as my professional career as a published author goes, you're lookin' at it. It's beginning right here, right now. That's right. You're witnessing my history in the making. This website is just the start...hopefully.

I've always been what some people would call a scribbler. From the time I could write my name I've been making up stories. In fact, I often have conversations in my head with the characters I create. Some people might call that part of the creative temperament...others just call it crazy. It's probably a little of both.

I do however, have a B.A. in Journalism and an MFA in Fine Art. So the gal can blather with the best of them! 

 I spent years knocking on doors, honing my craft, and as always, writing. I'm proud to say that while most editors respond solely with form letters,
 enough responded to my work personally, giving me hope that I truly did have talent.

So here I my dream and still hoping for a fabulous future...for all of us. 

The Woman...

Who am I? Well, that's a good question. When most people think of romance authors, the image of Kathleen Turner as Joan Wilder in 'Romancing the Stone' usually comes to mind.  A lonely woman sitting in a bathrobe and fuzzy slippers, conjuring lovers and adventure in her imagination. In other words, one step away from being the neighborhood cat lady.

If that description just made you go "eeewww", then you know how we writer's must feel. Thankfully, for most of us that image is far from accurate.

I myself am 40-something. I have been married for 19 years, have three beautiful kids, two dogs and a cat. I am a 2nd degree black belt in traditional Japanese karate, and as I've said, I 
love to travel, and my romantic and spontaneous husband shares that passion with me, so my stories get plenty of inspiration!  

In the meantime I am also a founding member, previous President and current co-event coordinator of 
The Paranormal Romance Guilda not-for-profit organization for readers and authors of the genre. Of course, I’m still writing, and when I’m not ‘bichok’ (but in a chair hands on keyboard), I'm off with my hubby and our kids to exciting destinations.

Cat lady? I don't think so.

While my world may not be as daring as those I create, the ones I love certainly make it an adventure.


Next let's meet Lily Saburi...

It is with great pleasure that the Hotties get an EXCLUSIVE interview with Lily Saburi.

Let’s welcome, Lily Saburi, heroine and main character from Marianne Morea’s Cursed by Blood Saga…

Interviewer: Twice Cursed is the 2nd Book in the Cursed by Blood Saga, but it all started with Hunter’s Blood, the introduction to the series. Do you remember the first time author, Marianne Morea, introduced herself to you?

[Lily shifts in her seat, her lips softly closed.] “Well, to tell you the truth, Marianne didn’t introduce herself to me as much as we crashed into each other. Yup, like an Amtrak head-on collision. My story began a long time ago with Marianne’s nightmares. She’ll never admit it, but that’s where most of her story lines come from…not dreams. Full out nightmares. She dreamed about the death of my parents a long time ago. I was left alone in this world, and Marianne being kind hearted, had to think up something to do with me in order to make herself feel better about the horrific nature of her dream. Enter the Hess Family, and how they took me in.

“But Marianne’s imagination always gets the best of her, especially at night. It’s like the fears come out of the woodwork or something. That’s how I found myself involved with Sean Leighton and the world of the supernatural. It began the day my best friend, Terry, was murdered. Giving me psychic powers was how Marianne chose to deal with death, and what I went through trying to reconcile myself to what happened. But she gave me Sean, and I guess you could say he saved my life in more ways than one.”

Interviewer:  “Tell me, Lily…most of the ladies think Sean is quite a hunk, is it true that when you first met him all you could think about was licking his thighs?”

[Lily blinks, open mouthed.]  “Boy, they told me you were direct…but jeez. Umm, yeah. Sean struck me immediately as a hottie. The way he walked toward me when I was in that hospital bed. It was entirely predatory, and he oozed sex appeal—I couldn’t help myself, but then again I was on heavy pain meds. I guess to answer your question, yes—he was, and is, mouthwateringly handsome.”

 [Chuckling off set, Sean winks]Back attcha, babe.”

Interviewer:There are some who have commented that your ‘connection’ to Sean happened too quickly. What do you have to say to that?”

“There are many readers who have made that comment, but my answer to that is simply this…when you are dealing with grief and guilt and all the emotions that go hand-in-hand with those, it’s not hard to cling to something that makes you feel safe and makes you feel good, regardless of how reckless it seems. Sean and I did fall in love quickly, though in reading both books it’s easy to see how our relationship grows and solidifies."

Interviewer:  As you say, you’ve been around for a while watching from the proverbial sidelines. Is that how Ms. Morea falls in love, quickly, the same way she has you do in her books?

“Marianne is a tough cookie, or at least that’s how people see her. She’s quick witted and funny, and she shoots from the hip calling a spade a spade, and on top of that she has no patience for stupid and mean-spirited people—though why she insists on watching The Real Housewives of New Jersey is beyond any of us! But Marianne is really a soft touch. She loves hard, and she’s fiercely loyal…like she’s made me…but she will cut you off without batting a perfectly mascara’d eye if you cross her. [chuckling] And people wonder where I get it from. Seriously? She’s had her heart broken enough times to understand the pain and rejection that often goes hand in hand with love, but Marianne is married to the love of her life, and I think that’s why she always has her girls (me, and the other heroines in her books) always find their true love.

Interviewer:  “When Terry died, we all know how difficult that was for you, yet we really don’t see you cry. Where did you channel all that pain you so obviously felt?”

[Lily closes her eyes and exhales sadly before opening them again.]  “When something like that happens, you’re numb at first. You don’t know what to feel because the situation is just so unreal. And with everything else—the fact that I knew it was a Were that killed my best friend—it just made this unreality all the more unreal. I did cry. But my anger at the situation—at myself—was just too overwhelming at the time. Anyone who picks up the series knows that. I did cry, but just not where anyone could see.”

Interviewer:  “You lost your family, but now you’ve inherited another through Sean. How are you adjusting?”

[Smiling, Lily glances over her shoulder at Sean.]  “Adjustment...that’s the perfect word to describe it. Things haven’t been smooth sailing for me and Sean since we got together. We didn’t just fall in love and ride off into the sunset together. We’ve had quite a bit of fine tuning and many heated moments. As Sean says, trouble is my middle name. Edward Parr…[Lily pauses, making a face]…he learned the hard way not to fuck with me and mine. But, I’ll leave that for you to find out. As to my family, I’ve still got Terry’s folks, and Sean’s family is now my family, so for the most part it’s all good.”

Interviewer:  “Why do you suppose Ms. Morea titled the book Twice Cursed?”

[Lily tilts her head, thoughtfully.]  “I asked her that after she left us all hanging at the end of Hunter’s Blood. Big mistake, by the way. You think the readers hated that cliffhanger? Just ask the cast how we felt! But that’s another question… I asked her why she picked Twice Cursed…I mean, she hadn’t even finished the outline and the book was named! She told me it was because of the vampires. You see, Weres are born dual natured. We are just another race akin to humankind. Marianne said that vampires were once human and so cursed into their existence, and what she was going to put them through in the book made them doubly cursed…so, Twice Cursed. Not bad, huh?”

Interviewer:  “Tell me about Stephanie, Sean’s niece. She’s a psychic like you. Are you planning to help her develop her talents?”

[Lily shrugs, but glances over at Sean.]  “I didn’t come into my ‘talent’ as you call it until I was ten years old, after my parents died.  Stephie was born with hers, so I’m not really sure if her senses work the same way as mine, but I will definitely be there for her. She is a lucky little girl, in that she had great people around her who love her. She’s only four years old, but man is she strong-minded, and the level of talent she’s exhibited already is a little scary. You should keep an eye out for her, there’s a story brewing there too!”

Interviewer:  “What about you and Ryan, and you and Jack? Doesn’t Sean ever get jealous?”

[Lily leans forward eyes narrowed at the interviewer.]  “I wouldn’t go there if I were you. I can’t stand it when people try to stir the shit. Like my writer and creator, I have little patience for that kind of sensationalist bunk. The subject of Jack Cochran is off limits, and I mean that. People can think what they like. Yeah, I’m over the top and some people might even say I’m a flirt, but that’s not true. I have very different, yet special relationships with both Jack and Ryan. You’ll just have to read the book to find out why and how…just don’t bring up Jack’s name to Sean…trust me on that. I know he told you I was hard to handle, but he’s the one who gets all alpha possessive. Do yourself a favor and ask me a different question.”

Interviewer: [swallowing hard as she glances past Lily to see Sean’s suspicious scowl]  “Okay then…moving on…You mentioned the vampires. What did you think when you first met them? Did they live up to your expectations or were they completely different from what you thought?”

[With half a smirk, Lily leans back in her chair and crosses her arms.]  “Wow. Who’da thought that talking about vampires would be a safer bet for a question? [She smiles at the interviewer] It’s okay, and that’s actually a good question. The vampires were a complete anomaly to me, nothing like I envisioned. They were eerily beautiful, but only on the surface. Their evil was patent, and anyone with any kind of intuitive nature would readily see it, and then immediately shit their pants. They are grace and civility, beauty in a sleek but deadly way, like a panther waiting to strike. Although I have to say that Remy has a story that is worthy of being told. His sorrow and his anguish is a tangible as his physical deformity. Makes me wonder what happened to him.”

Interviewer:  “But don’t you and Sean have a close connection to the vampires now? Couldn’t you just ask Remy what happened?”

[Lily smiles, but shakes her head softly.]  “You would think so, but no. There is still a divide between the races, and I would never have that kind of effrontery to assume I am at leave to ask Remy something that personal. Perhaps we’ll all find out at some point during the saga. There’s so much more to unfold…”

Interviewer:  “And my last question has to be…do you ever think you’ll choose pack life and race the moon with Sean?”

[Lily shrugs, slyly]  “I don’t know yet. It’s up to Marianne and whatever nightmares she dreams up next. I guess we’ll both just have to wait and see.”

Interviewer:  “Thank you, Lily, for sharing so much with us, and yes, there is much more to come, and I can’t wait!”

Now lets get to know
Her Work... (Click book cover to go to so you can be the proud owner of Fantastic-ness)

Book One of the Legacy Series
Blood Legacy

Series: Legacy Series
Paperback: 254 pages
Publisher: Coventry Press, Limited; Second edition (December 30, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 098843962X
ISBN-13: 978-0988439627

A Man Trapped Between Light and Dark.
Freedom fighter, Carlos Salazar, lived by his sword, fighting evil in the guise of righteousness and the atrocities carried out in the name of God--until the night he met true evil. Three hundred years later, he still walks in darkness, his only solace the hope that one day he will find absolution and a purpose under heaven for his cursed existence. Can forgiveness transcend time and heal a broken soul? Even if it is no longer human? 

A Woman Changed Forever.
Trina Markham's life was ordinary--until a chance meeting with the man of her dreams. Alarmed by the intensity of their attraction, dangerous passions ignite when she falls head over heels for this dark stranger. But when she finds herself thrust into a world she never knew existed, her life becomes a legacy of blood and lies, a nightmare where the monsters are real. Can she be saved from this nightmare, even if it means choosing death?

Book One of the Cursed by Blood Saga 
Hunters Blood

Paperback: 176 pages
Publisher: Coventry Press Ltd. (October 14, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0988439611
ISBN-13: 978-0988439610

**Right now the Kindle Edition of Hunters Blood is FREE!!!! Click the picture of book to get yours now!!!**

 Revenge. It's a way of life for psychic, Lily Saburi... 

Haunted since the brutal murder of her best friend and partner, she's obsessed with retribution--a vigilante bent on striking a blow for humanity against the shadowed world of the supernatural. Prey turned predator she aims to even the score--one bullet at a time starting with the beast that changed her life forever.

Prepared for Armageddon she's in for the fight of her life. But when mortally wounded by a diseased and insane Were, Lily is rescued by a most unlikely savior--Were-hunter, Sean Leighton. Sexy and powerful, Leighton is charged with destroying anything infected with the deadly pathogen threatening the survival of his pack, and that includes Lily. But their immediate attraction leaves them both breathless and confused. As Lily grapples with truth about herself, Leighton is faced with the looming reality that he will most likely have to kill the woman he's falling in love with. Only time will tell if they are destined to be together or if they'll fall victim to the Hunter's Blood.

Book Two of the Cursed by Blood Saga
Twice Cursed
Paperback: 318 pages
Publisher: Coventry Press Ltd. (October 11, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0988439603
ISBN-13: 978-098843960


Psychic investigator, Lily Saburi is no stranger to the supernatural. Tough as nails, she's a hunter in her own right, a once self-proclaimed vigilante that has joined forces with the man she once sought to kill, and now can't live without. Sexy, Sean Leighton, Alpha of the Brethren of Weres. Their passion surpassed every obstacle set in front of them, yet in the wake of a mysterious virus threatening everyone they love, they are embroiled in an unforgiving scheme of political double dealing, hidden agendas and assassination, with Lily and Sean as primary targets. To stay together, they are forced apart. But treachery follows hard on Lily's heels when she returns home to find New York City bathed in a series of bloodbaths. Baffled, the police have no leads, so they call in their last line of defense to work the case. Lily. 

Thrown together with homicide detective, Ryan Martinez, dangerous sparks fly as the two uncover the undead truth behind the killings. Long hidden secrets are revealed, as are truths too unbelievable to accept when Lily is kidnapped and Sean and Ryan have to work together to find her. Revenge and the struggle for power all play a part in this urban fantasy suspense, taking you from the rocky coast of Maine to the heart of New York City, the NYPD and the vampire underground, where Weres and Vampires are forced to work together to solve the mystery of what's tearing their veiled world apart from the inside out.

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Paperback: 242 pages
Publisher: Coventry Press Limited (September 1, 2013)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0988439638
ISBN-13: 978-098843963

Marianne Morea’s Debut Young Adult Release! Two hundred years of secrets and lies are bleeding into the present, and high school seniors, Hunter Morrissey and Rowen Corbett, find themselves linked with unseen forces shrouded in mystery and violence in the quaint river town of Sleepy Hollow...but the dark water of the Hudson River is not the only blackness looming in the distance. Truths, buried and long forgotten, have risen at a time when the veil between the living and the dead is at its thinnest. Only Hunter and Rowen hold the key to locking the past in the past, and setting old wrongs to right. Can justice be served? Can the two find a way to straddle both worlds and solve the mystery when they don’t understand the clues? Inspired by historical events that surround the village of Sleepy Hollow and the famous legend that shares its name, this Young Adult Horror takes you on a journey full of history and suspense with a splash of romance and the paranormal.

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